About Kelly Ikenberry

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Kelly Ikenberry

Who I Am

  • a Believer
  • a wife to an Army officer
  • a mom to two amazing girls (ages 9 and 4)
  • a business strategist
  • an implementation specialist
  • a PeopleSmart certified DISC trainer
  • an athlete
  • a student of life
  • an advocate for my clients
  • down-to-earth, lighthearted, and energetic
  • a person who values creativity and a sense of humor

I Believe

  • that every business owner can make more and play more while keeping what’s most important – family and friends – front and center.
  • that business can be hard and that I can be a sounding board, challenger, teacher, and listener for my clients.
  • that coaching is a collaboration between myself and my clients. I don’t create their roadmap without them. We work together to create a custom roadmap and then we work together to get through the construction zones, detours, and beautiful mountain scenery.

My Credentials

  • 2010 Graduate of Coach U
  • Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation
  • Over 750 hours of coaching
  • Certified in the DISC Behavioral Assessment through PeopleSmart World
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media/Public Relations from Washburn University
  • Successfully ran 2 businesses that I started from scratch

My Focus

is to engage with business owners to solve problems, implement ideas and build strong, viable businesses.

My Goal

is to make each gameplan as effective, measurable and customized as possible so the results are sustainable and repeatable.


Secure Your Future

Put Success In Your Hands

I take a hybrid approach when working with clients. I combine coaching, training, and consulting and provide what’s needed at the necessary time.

Building a Business Can Be Difficult

Especially when you’re the one wearing all the hats. Working with me can help. Read for yourself what other clients have said…


“Kelly dives deep into what my company has to offer and asks specific questions so she can then turn around and specify her guidance to me personally. Her advice has helped increase my bottom line.”
Heather Sams
Owner, Heather Sames Fine Portraits
“Kelly asks very penetrating questions and in a very short time we have a solution. She comes up with creative solutions that I haven’t heard from anyone else and they’re very easy to implement.”
Theresa Guthals
Owner, Pikes Peak Interiors
“Kelly has helped me find what was holding me back that I didn’t even realize. Because of her I redid my whole website and I’ve been getting great reactions out of it now.”
Randy Zimdahl
Owner, Zimdahl Woodworking
“Kelly taught me to celebrate successes, even if they’re small. She didn’t just improve my business, she improved my whole life.”
ason Rutledge
Financial Advisor, Edward Jones
“Kelly is very enthusiastic, has great work ethics, and she looks at things from a fresh perspective. She motivated me to better my business and my life.”
John Karle
Owner, Karle Coachworks
“She is very much about getting results and putting together a program that is flexible enough to make it completely personalized. She has a great way of getting to the meat of why you’re in business.”
Jamie Bartels
Giddings, Financial Advisor, First Command Financial


Make More Play More. Do you know what this means for you? Are you ready to put it into action even though you don’t know how yet? That’s okay. If it’s an uncomfortable feeling, that’s good. You’re in the right place. Now we have something to work with.

I mainly work with business owners who have 0 – 10 team members. Why? It’s my sweet spot. I grew up in family businesses and have worked for corporations. I’ve seen and experienced the way great ideas can either be implemented immediately or muddle along like molasses. My clients want results that impact business and life and they want them to take affect sooner rather than later. I like to help make that happen for them. It gives me goosebumps when they Make More and Play More. That’s why it’s my sweet spot.

If you like what you’re reading, here’s the next step. Talk to me. Either email me at kelly@kellyikenberry.com or call me at 812.870.9961 so we can get to know one another. I work with people who are a fit and refer the rest to others I know in the industry. I have no idea right now if you’re a good fit for me or if I’m a good fit for you. The only way we’ll know is if we chat. Once we do that, we’ll know what to do next. I look forward to hearing from you.

Team Engagement Workshop Series

Perfect for:

–  Business owners and manages who work with a team of one or more

– Who want everyone operating on all cylinders because you can’t afford not to

– Who like the idea of an interactive group setting so you can gain ideas and wisdom from others

– Who are willing to look in the mirror to see how your behavior and communication style impacts your team

You can expect to gain practical solutions on:

– How to treat others the way they want to be treated in order to help them operate at full-efficiency

– How to manage conflict in order to increase peace, productivity and an “I’ve got your back” attitude

– Confirming whether or not you have the right people in the right position.

– Learning recognition, motivation and reward strategies that bring out the best in each individual team member.

“Kelly has a great ability to reach in and find out what our business and team is lacking. It’s not magic, it’s just that she asks questions that we don’t normally ask ourselves. She has a knack for injecting hope into areas that I had kind of just given up on areas I thought would never change. She won’t let us give up on them and change has happened.” — Jason Rutledge, Edward Jones Investments

When: Coming soon!


Why Assessments?

  1. Improve Hiring & Selection
    The right person in the right job is priceless. The wrong one is a nightmare waiting to happen. Accurately identify the right applicants BEFORE the interview, make scientifically informed judgments and build an organization of A+ employees.
  2. Increase Sales
    Teach your sales team powerful behavior profiling skills. Empower them to identify – to your organization’s advantage – observable behaviors, then adapt their selling style to fit the customer’s buying style.
  3. Improve Customer Service
    Know in advance that your people believe in your organization and care about your customers. Better equip and train your customer support team with the invaluable communication and behavior profiling skills that pay countless dividends.
  4. Increase Productivity
    Identify with scientific accuracy the strengths and shortcomings of each team member. Create observable action plans, from the data, that maximize your team’s talent.
  5. Reduce Employee Turnover
    Ensure the best possible positional “fit” for each new hire. Great fit means stronger retention rates, which lowers the costs associated with turnover.
  6. Customize Employee Training
    One size fits ONE, not all. Learn how each person learns best, what motivates them to get up every day, how they like to be recognized and incentivized, and get them operating on all cylinders sooner.
  7. Make Your Marketing Work 
    Know how to differentiate yourself from your competitors using descriptive words that accurately and genuinely describe you and your company. Attract the right clientele, keep them coming back and turn them into referral giants for your business by using the scientific data collected from your personalized reports.

The Tools We'll Use

Improve Customer Service

Know in advance that your people believe in your organization and care about your customers. Better equip and train your customer support team with the invaluable communication and behavior profiling skills that pay countless dividends.

Values/Motivators Assessment

The perfect companion assessment to pair with the DISC, Values/Motivators measures the seven universal dimensions of motivation that exist within each of us. Where as DISC predicts “How” someone will behave, Values/Motivators tells you “Why”. Being able to measure and understand How and Why you or someone else behaves is vital to predicting the performance of job applicants, optimizing team performance, building top performing teams, uncovering the source(s) of communicative dysfunction and developing self-aware team members.

It's Time To Get The Results You Deserve.

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Kelly Ikenberry Coaching

Kelly Ikenberry is an experienced business coach and author who believes that every business owner can make more and play more while keeping what’s most important – family and friends – front and center.